News: Welcome! Click Here to Learn What Pizza Perfect Is All About

Welcome! Click Here to Learn What Pizza Perfect Is All About

Welcome to Pizza Perfect. I'm a novice pizza maker with one goal: to master the art of the homemade crust. The cheese (fresh mozzarella), the sauce (endless options or super basic), and the toppings (the sky is the limit) are all easy. But the crust I've found to be somewhat elusive.

Professional pizza-makers typically use an oven that can reach 800 degrees. Obviously this is not possible with home ovens, so we need to figure out short-cuts and work arounds (for example, using a pizza stone or "par-frying" the dough).

I'm cooking my way through the masters & the blogs—Mario Batali, Jim Lahey, Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters, Serious Eats, Smitten Kitchen, findings from community driven sites like Tasteologie & TasteSpotting, and more. I'll keep an ongoing checklist of what I've tried and what I'd like to try in the forum.

I do have a day job, so please expect one trial recipe per week. But I'll be posting fun links & tidbits here and there, as well. I have one request to start off:

I need your help! Please post pizza recipes you like in the forum. I want to try out as many as possible, so eventually I can craft the perfect pie. :)

Current Index of My Pizza Experiments

More coming soon!

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Oooh...can't wait to see the results.

Sun dried tomatoes = Best topping.

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