News: Checking Out Mozza2Go

Checking Out Mozza2Go

A few weeks ago, I discovered something awesome on the way home from work. Mozza, that LA pizza mecca, is on my route. And I could pick up a pizza or two from their takeout place - Mozza2Go

I was so excited. The pizzas are a bit on the pricy side, but it's not like you're paying for Domino's or Pizza Hut pizza. You're paying for gourmet pizza made with the freshest and finest ingredients. (Or so one would hope.) I decided to order the margherita pizza (it's my favorite at any restaurant), and my husband ordered the fennel sausage one with panna, scallions and red onion.

Checking Out Mozza2Go

I love the box, and I also love that they request that you not put your pizza in the microwave. I agree with them; microwaved pizza is disgusting. I much prefer to reheat pizza either in the oven or in the toaster oven. 

Checking Out Mozza2Go

The margherita pizza was delicious, although if you're a meat eater, it may leave you hungry for more. I loved, loved the dough. It was light and airy and crunchy - everything you could want in a pizza dough. 

Checking Out Mozza2Go

The fennel sausage was tasty, too, although I thought it had a little too much onion. The sausage was delicious. 

You can order delivery from them but it's expensive. For my neighborhood it's a $20 delivery fee and a $100 minimum order. Maybe if you're having a large party, this would be worth doing the delivery. Pickup was fine, and it was relatively easy to find parking. 

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toastykitten, somehow I missed this post when you first published it. Thank you so much for including pics, and sharing your experience. Mozza is amazing! I love the crust.

BTW, since you're an LA local, I recently ate at Spice Table, a restaurant in downtown LA, started by one of the Mozza chefs. It was also very good, and the ambiance was terrific. You should go on a date there with your husband. :)

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